Friday, May 16, 2014

The Spellslinger's Attributes guide

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wildstar Spellslinger

The Spellslinger’s primary attributes are Support Power, Insight, Moxie, and Grit. Insight gives us more Support Power, Moxie gives us Crit, and Grit gives health. You should prioritize Support Power gains above most everything. Your largest SP gains will come from your weapon, then stacking insight as much as possible.

Secondary attributes of importance include Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Severity, Focus Recovery, Focus Cost Reduction, and to some extent CD Reduction and Shield Recovery rating. If you are having focus issues (probably because you do not have gear with “specials”) then you should aim to increase your Focus Recovery rate. Otherwise, focus on Crit ratings.

These values are base, without rune specials factored in. Once you are 50, getting to 1650 SP and at least 20% Critical Hit Chance should be your first goal, while still being able to manage your focus.

WildStar's awesome user-defined PVP system

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WildStar, a new online game developed by NCsoft's Carbine Studios, made its appearance such awesome. When I first checked out the debut cinematic trailer of WildStar from Gamescom, I was more interested in this MMO. And I am anticipated for the PVP and "user-defind" system in WildStar, as they look rly sexy!

As introduced by Carbine Studios, PvP content will be added to WildStar for PvP enthusiasts. Each character will has its own unique story. That is to say, different characters will have different gameplay. Besides, user-defined system will be added for players to customize their characters' armor sets and help players show desired looks according to their preferences. Players can even generate various skills and equipment, which seems to be indeed distinctive.

Anyway, I hope the game itself could be as awesome as the debut cinematic trailer.

WildStar Crafting guide

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To craft an item, you have to have a proper Tradeskill (for schematics) and resources. Some resources may be bought from a trader next to the crafting table but other needs to be gathered.When you have resources, you can start creating. Click on the schematics and then on "Preview" to get into crafting window.
You have to fulfill all slots with plus sign. You can distinguish here slots for item and for statistics bonus. If you have for example slot for Powercore, you need to have one in your equipment. This may be bought usually from a merchant standing nearby.

When you select all of those things notice the power bar (the orange one at the bottom). If it's not full, you can increase statistics bonus. When you exceed it, it'll increase the failure risk.Besides the standard Paths, there is also Cooking for everyone and also Rune Craft. The latter is to create Runs to improve your equipment.

To create a rune, you need to find proper components. List of them is shown in the window of rune crafting when you use the crafting table. While creating runes, on right you'll see the items with free rune slots. You have to notice what type of rune you can insert to the item.

Notes:Some items cannot be bought and found. To get them, you have to use an option "Salvage". Each weapon and armor may be take apart on pieces for resources. It's enough to drag such a thing on an icon next to the Tradeskill bag.Tools are necessary for collecting materials when you have Tradeskill like Mining or Relic Hunter. You can buy them from merchants nearby the crafting places. You have three tools:
Laser Pickaxe - Mining
Relic Blaster – Relic Hunter
Laser Chainsaw - Survivalist

Choose Safe WildStar power leveling to get ready for the WildStar release

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Like other MMOs.Many of players may have problems with the upgrading process at the beginning or with certain content in Wildstar. Since these problems stopped them from having real fun in this game, they are asking for safe and professional WS power leveling service from us. To tell you the great news, we are glad to meet your demand and make you satisfy.

wildstar power leveling

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tips and Tricks for you to aventure in Nexus as an Esper

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Let’s get into another one of delicious WildStar classes. This one’s called the Esper. The esper is a flashy telekinetic illusionist that uses his mind to heal and do damage from varying distances, basically combining Professor X with the Green Lantern.

wildstar tricks

Remember, the esper has a light armor so keep your distance and stay on your
toes. The following tricks for you to combat better in Nexus!
1.Learn to make use of two concentrated blades whenever you can. By making use of two blades during combat, you have the opportunity to cast another ability as soon as the first blade hits its target and move before the second blade reach its target. When done correctly, this technique can surprise your enemies and do a lot of damage before they even have the chance to respond.

2. Learn the abilities that you can use to stand still during casting and the ones you can use to move immediately after casting.

3. While getting yourself acquainted with the abilities needed to stand still and move during and after casting, you should make crush your friend. Knock down your enemies and move as fast as you can.

4. In order to increase your efficiency in combat, you need to thoroughly understand and know the right time to use many of your powerful abilities that come with a cool down timer.

Wildstar Housing guide

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Today I would like to talk to you about home in Wildstar Online. Home, a place to put your feet up, a place to hang your hat, a place that, thanks to years of research by Protostar Corporation, has a statistically insignificant chance of killing you.

wildstar housing

Protostar would like to interest you in a new home, on a new world – the planet Nexus. Yes, Nexus, planet of mystery, world of excitement. Where did it come from? No idea. But thanks to Protostar, you can put a house on it.

Feel the adventure of clearing your land, the pride of building your home, the freedom to make it your own. But that’s not all. Plant a garden. Build a windmill. Erect a large, defensive cannon. You can do anything with your land, and thanks to Protostar the possibilities are endless.

Not feeling neighbourly? No problem. Space is not an issue. Thanks to a miracle of science, Protostar can rip your land right out of the ground and hurl it into the sky, letting us build even more houses. That’s right.
Houses in the sky, because when you think about it, every customer is an island. So why not live on one, in the sky?