Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tips and Tricks for you to aventure in Nexus as an Esper

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Let’s get into another one of delicious WildStar classes. This one’s called the Esper. The esper is a flashy telekinetic illusionist that uses his mind to heal and do damage from varying distances, basically combining Professor X with the Green Lantern.

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Remember, the esper has a light armor so keep your distance and stay on your
toes. The following tricks for you to combat better in Nexus!
1.Learn to make use of two concentrated blades whenever you can. By making use of two blades during combat, you have the opportunity to cast another ability as soon as the first blade hits its target and move before the second blade reach its target. When done correctly, this technique can surprise your enemies and do a lot of damage before they even have the chance to respond.

2. Learn the abilities that you can use to stand still during casting and the ones you can use to move immediately after casting.

3. While getting yourself acquainted with the abilities needed to stand still and move during and after casting, you should make crush your friend. Knock down your enemies and move as fast as you can.

4. In order to increase your efficiency in combat, you need to thoroughly understand and know the right time to use many of your powerful abilities that come with a cool down timer.

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