Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Introduction of items Auction House in WildStar

The Auction House finally becomes easy and convenient after UI2.0 update. Now, we are glad to introduce the function of AH in WildStar. The Auction House is divided into two apart, one is Items Auction House, the another one is Commodities Exchange.Today we will introduct the item auction house first for you.

1.Items Classified Area
2.Custom equipment name search
3. Sort: you can according to the price, grade and quality and so on the many kinds of selection.
4. Filter: Here you can according to your own equipment requirements, such as how much is your equipment level, the main properties you need, the quality of the equipment and the number of WildStar Gold you can afford as a filter, it is very convenient
5. Bid:You can bid the WildStar Items you want. If your offer is the highest since the end of the auction time, then you will receive the items.

Choose the items you want to sell from left column, then enter the Minimum Bid and Buyout Price. To click List Item can be published in Auction House. While, each items can reserve in AH within 2 days and charge certain commission. Meanwhile, it would post the items price on AH with same name. You can take reference for pricing. Per character can sell 25 pieces items at most at the same time.

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