Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Unique WildStar Guide is in Beta

Whenever we talk guides,everybody wants to make sure that their group stands out in a crowd.Whether u are the "Bunny girl Bruiser Squad"or the "Protostar Resolution Action Team"u want a defining visual element that proudly displays your guide allegiance.In other games,this might be a tabard or emblem.But that kind of fantasy business ain't the way we roll out beyond the fringe.

The Wild Star team said that , in Wildstar, guides will be able to create a holomark :a holographic emblem projected in the air around,or above the character.U can set the various elements of the logo ,and then each player can decide whether they want to display it on their character snazzy1

Further more u  can choose to have your holomark project on your back, your shoulders, above your head, or any combination of those options. Want to go gank someone in PvP? Make sure your Holomark is turned on so they know who's destroying them. Is your guild invading an enemy warplot? Your foes will be sure to know who's boss (and who to kill) when you've got 135 holomarks floating above their enemies' heads.

As we know In many MMO games, a guild is a social group of players. They may raid together, or hang out in the VOIP system of their choice, but individual players tend to wander the open world on their own, their guild being nothing more than a passing word in a nameplate.  A terrible, terrible, shame - and not the WildStar way!With Wildstar the team want to guide to want to play together and they are going to make a unique Wildstar guide for all players

We have been waiting the Wildstar for a long time ,i am sure it will definitely a fantastic game .the Wildstar team is sparing this every efforts to make the game more interesting .It is worth the long time waiting .

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